This is a fixed-term contract in accordance with Section 2 of the academic fixed-term labor contract act (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz, WissZeitVG). The term is fixed for a period of 3 years. The position calls for 65 % of standard work hours per week.

Responsibilities: Duties include academic services in the project named above. Research associates may also pursue independent research and further academic qualifications.

Specific duties: Duties of this PhD position are concerned with the analysis of mechanisms of future sea level variability in eddy-resolving climate projections in the framework of the SPP-1889 - Regional Sea Level Change and Society program. The SPP-1889 aims to andvance our knowledge in understanding regional sea level change and its impacts on societies focusing on two study regions: the North and Baltic Seas and the South-East Asia region. Specific tasks include: Extension of existing MPI-ESM-ER runs performed under the EU PRIMAVERA project to cover the period of the CMIP runs. Analysis of the variability of sea level expected at specific coastal sites as a function of space and time scales. Comparison of results with CMIP6 and other HighResMIP sea level change projections to investigate model and resolution dependence of regional to local sea level projections. Analysis of the 100-member ensemble of MPI to determine the range of the sea level variability due to natural, free climate oscillations and their change due to the externally forced anthropogenic signal.

Requirements: A university degree in a relevant field. MSc/diploma in the field of oceanography, geosciences or disciplines with a strong mathematical and physical background. Qualified disabled candidates or applicants with equivalent status receive preference in the application process. For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Detlef Stammer (detlef.stammer@uni- or consult our website at Applications should include a cover letter, a tabular curriculum vitae, and copies of degree certificate(s). Please send applications by January 31, 2020 to: Prof. Dr. Detlef Stammer ( with the subject DECVAR-2. Please do not submit original documents as we are not able to return them. Any documents submitted will be destroyed after the application process has concluded.