We are hiring a PhD student for an Antarctic Oceanography project. We are looking for a highly motivated Ph.D. student in Physical Oceanography, who will participate in a project about ocean currents in the vicinity of one of Antarctica’s largest ice shelves. Using four years of oceanographic data from moorings placed near Getz ice shelf, West Antarctica, forcing mechanisms, seasonal variation and ice-ocean interaction processes will be identified and quantified. You will work with time series analyses, water mass identification and boundary layer processes between ice and ocean.

The scientific question has a mathematical / physical focus, and the prospective student should have a strong background in dynamical oceanography / physics and mathematics and have good knowledge in scientific programming (e.g. Matlab or Python). At least one icebreaker expedition to Antarctica will be part of the project. Work at sea in the Southern Ocean can be demanding and the student will be gone from home at least 2 months. The project is a collaboration with the University of Bergen, and a professor from Bergen will act as joint supervisor.

The applicant should have a master education in Physical Oceanography (or equivalent). Experience of work in Polar Oceanography, time series analyses and oceanographic data is meriting. It is project number 3 in the web portal.