The University of Bologna opens a research position for a three year term in Ocean Ensemble Forecasting at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

The researcher’s activities are linked to the development of the project entitled: “Development of ensemble predictions for the Mediterranean Sea” financed by the European Project Horizon 2020 EUROSEA. The successful applicant will have to design, implement and intercompare existing perturbation techniques to generate ensembles in the complex analysis and forecasting system of the Mediterranean Sea. The quality of the ensemble forecast will have to be evaluated by comparing with the in situ data. Finally, new indices, so-called Extreme Forecast Indices (EFIs) will have to be defined and computed to be able to detect anomalous events for sea level, waves and sea temperatures. The project has the final aim to transition the ensemble prediction methodologies from TRL4 to TRL8, i.e. devise an operational system for use in the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service. In addition it is expected that the work will generate 2-3 open access papers in peer-reviewed journals.

The research team is led by Prof. Nadia Pinardi.

The application should be sumbitted before September 8, 2020 here: