24-month Post-doctoral position: Development of a parameterization of the impact of sea spray on the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer

O/Ref: FEM-SAS-2020-118

Company Description

FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES (FEM), is the French Institute for Energy Transition dedicated to Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE), supporting the nascent ORE industrial sector with the means and skills that increase competitiveness by mutualizing R&D costs, reducing risks and accelerating the acquisition of data and knowledge. FEM activities are founded on Research and Development projects and services. FEM collaborators are scientifically and technically involved in all activities thanks to their high level of scientific expertise. The headquarters of FEM are located in Plouzané (Brest area), France, along with additional offices in Marseille and Nantes. This allows FEM to be present on all oceanic facades and to build close relationships with most of the ORE value chain actors.

The association FEM was founded in 2012 while the recently created FEM joint stock company forms the basis of the newly labeled Institute for Energy Transition. The joint stock company is owned by 18 entities made up of private companies, ORE clusters, public bodies and local governments (Regions). This equilibrium between actors allows the institute to collaborate with a broad spectrum of experts and to prioritize development on challenges faced by the industrial sector as well as by concerned governmental agencies.

Position Description

The post-doctoral position is part of the CASSIOWPE R&D project dedicated to “Characterizing the Atmosphere and Sea Surface Interactions for the deployment of Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Lion’s Physical Environment”. This project is coordinated by FEM and aims, in particular to implement and improve an Ocean-Wave-Atmosphere (OWA) coupled system to refine the description of the Gulf of Lion meteocean conditions with future application to the wind resource assessment and design conditions of the Floating Offshore Wind Turbines, soon to be deployed in the area.