Shom (French national institute of hydrography and oceanography) invites applications for a 39 months position of a research engineer specialized in modelling submersion risks (wave and sea level) in Toulouse (France).

Mission: As part of its support for coastal public policies, and with the help of the General Directorate for Risk Prevention and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Shom designs and develops, in collaboration with university laboratories and Météo-France, the operational warning system for storm surges (Vigilance Vague Submersion system). The third phase of the HOMONIM project (2020-2024), jointly piloted by Shom and Météo-France, aims more specifically to adapt the modeling capabilities to the sub-departmental forecast on the metropolitan Atlantic coast.

To this end, a new modeling system, currently under development, will integrate:

  • A hydrodynamic modeling core describing different sets of equations (Shallow-Water, Green-Naghdi) coded from the common library TOLOSA (TOols Library for unstructured Ocean models and Surge Applications) for unstructured meshes ;
  • Two new configurations based on TOLOSA: one replacing the current regional model on the metropolitan Atlantic facade, and the second, at higher resolution and covering the New Aquitaine, which will allow a finer representation of coastal processes via a coupling between TOLOSA and the Wavewatch III (c) sea state model (OASIS coupler).

Within the Oceanographic Research Department of Shom, your work will consist in carrying out studies and modeling of surges and sea states. You will participate in all or part of the following tasks:

  • Designing new operational configurations for forecasting storm surges on the regional (metropolitan Atlantic coast) and New Aquitaine areas;
  • Carrying out inventories, data collection and processing (observations, meteorological data, oceanographic data…) especially those resulting from the RiCoRé oceanographic campaign (winter 2020-2021);
  • Carrying out calibrations and validations of numerical solutions based on TOLOSA (free surface elevation and currents) and Wavewatch III (sea states) on regional and high-resolution areas;
  • Optimizing the performance of the numerical solutions for operational needs and supporting Météo-France for the handling and maintenance in operational condition of the models;
  • Writing technical and scientific documentation for Météo-France and, more broadly, for those involved in the prevention of submersion risks.

You will benefit from the support of experts in modeling, hydrodynamics, bathymetry and measurement from the Shom of Brest and Toulouse as well as the Shom’s IT infrastructure for high-performance scientific computing (i.e. Météo-France scientific computing center, Ifremer’s Datarmor computing center). You will interact with experts from external organizations and present your work at national and international conferences.


You have a minimum level of studies of 5 years (Engineer, Master 2, or PhD) in physical oceanography or related disciplines. You have experience in the following fields:

  • Physical oceanography;
  • Numerical modeling in coastal hydrodynamics and/or sea states on HPC platform;
  • Analysis and processing of meteo-oceanic data;

Knowledge of coastal hazards, meteorology and physical instrumentation is a plus. Required skills:

  • Professional skills in computing tools and programming languages (e.g. Matlab, python, fortran…);
  • Professional skills in high-performance scientific computing environments (linux, shell, parallel computing);
  • Ability to work in a team in a multidisciplinary context (physical oceanography, statistics, meteorology);
  • Autonomy, rigor, organization, excellent interpersonal skills and initiative.
  • Proven ability to write technical and scientific reports in French, professional and technical skills in English allowing for international written and oral communications.

For further information please contact Audrey Pasquet (

Applications (preferentially in French) consist of a cover letter and a curriculum vitae, must be sent by e-mail to before December 13th. Official advertisement (in French) can be found here: