The department of Ocean Sciences at HKUST Clearwater Bay campus (in Hong Kong, as well as the thrust of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric at HKUST Guangzhou campus (in Guangzhou province, are looking to fill multiple faculty positions at all levels on an ongoing basis for the forseeable future (on the order of three per year for both campuses). The official advertisements are as follows:

HKUST Clearwater Bay positions: (JOB ID: 5341) HKUST GZ positions: (JOB IB: 5478)

These are separate jobs, in the sense that being appointed in one does not imply appointment in the other. While there are relatively specific target research areas for the Clearwater Bay campus, the interested applications are enocuraged not to read too much into that.

Official queries may be directed to for the HKUST Clearwater Bay positions and for the HKUST Guangzhou positions. Informal, non-binding and private queries about both of these positions could be directed to Julian Mak ( and will be treated with the strictest confidence (Julian would be in more of a position to answer questions relating to the HKUST Clearwater Bay department and positions).