The Ocean Modelling and Fluids Group under the Department of Ocean Science at HKUST has funding for two Post-doctoral Fellows. The idea is for the candidate to work on one (or more) areas listed below, and to pursue their own research agenda, with exact splitting of time negotiable. The possible topics are (in order of priority):

1) impact of mesoscale eddy parameterisations on ocean climate projection exercises; 2) parameter inference using inverse methods and state estimates in the oceanography context; 3) stirring, dispersion and transport of passive/active tracers in the coastal/regional context; 4) statistical physics methods and its applications to climate sciences (e.g. melt ponds, tropical convection)

Please see official advert for the official details. The application pack should include minimally a cover letter, research statement and CV, the whole pack not totalling not more than 7 pages, to be sent to, indicating somewhere which of the topics above is being pursued. Interested candidates from more traditional academic backgrounds as well as more nonlinear backgrounds are encouraged to contact for informal and non-binding queries about the position (e.g. details of topic, appointment length, salary etc.). Applications are considered until positions are filled, and interviews will be made roughly on a monthly basis.