Hydrographer Services for the Maine Coastal Mapping Initiative

The State of Maine is seeking proposals for operating a multibeam sonar system on a pre-determined vessel, providing services as a field marine geologist, and synthesizing all collected data into technical reports and data deliverables in support of the Maine Coastal Mapping Initiative (MCMI).

MCMI, an initiative of the Maine Coastal Program, acquires seafloor and marine habitat information including bathymetry and backscatter data, sediment information, fauna type and abundance, and water column data. The data contribute to numerous ongoing efforts including assessment of nearshore sand movement over time to inform beach nourishment projects, investigations of cable areas and other State Submerged Lands Programs interest areas, mapping of fisheries management areas, marine habitat modeling, and marine planning. This project also provides new data that are incorporated into National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) nautical charts. These data are acquired and processed to meet Office of Coast Survey bathymetry standards and are shared with the UNH-NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center / Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping for review.

The Maine Coastal Program seeks proposals for services as the lead hydrographer for the MCMI. Services include set-up and operation of the multibeam sonar system on a pre-determined vessel under existing contract, collection and field descriptions of grab sediment samples, post processing and data delivery of multibeam and backscatter including tidal corrections, digital elevation models and bathymetric attributed grid generation, and other digital mapping products.

We are seeking to fulfill this work through a Request For Proposals (RFP) due February 25, 2021. A copy of the RFP can be obtained at the following by searching for RFP# 202101009:


Questions may be directed to Claire Enterline, MCP Research Coordinator (Claire.Enterline@maine.gov).