Subject to funding approval, the section Marine Biogeosciences at AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany, invites applications for the position of a PhD Researcher in Ocean Biogeochemical Modelling (ocean alkalinity enhancement) (m/f/d).

This position will be part of the Programme RETAKE: Carbon Dioxide Removal by Alkalinity Enhancement: Potential, Benefits and Risks, within the Mission of the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM): “Marine carbon sinks in decarbonization pathways” and funded by the German Ministry for Science and Education.

Alkalinity production and eventual runoff into the ocean by weathering of silicate rocks is a natural process that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and, on geological timescales, compensates for CO2 emissions from volcanic emissions. The idea behind alkalinity enhancement (AE) is to artificially accelerate weathering-related alkalinity input into the ocean to boost the transformation of dissolved CO2 into bicarbonate ions and thereby enhance the air-sea flux of CO2 into the ocean. In this project we aim to assess the efficiency of alkalinity enhancement strategies in high-latitude deep and bottom water formation regions, understand the importance of small-scale processes for the effects of AE on marine biogeochemistry, and develop a design for a potential monitoring system for detection and attribution of marine CO2 uptake by AE.

Deadline for application: 21 June 2021, tentative dates for interviews: 1/2 July 2021, start date: 1 August 2021

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