We have an open PhD position in physical oceanography in a collaborative project between the Department of Ocean Systems (OCS) at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Texel and the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research, Utrecht University (UU), the Netherlands.

The project will investigate how atmospheric fluctuations affect AMOC variability, particularly in the North Atlantic transformation regions.

The high resolution ocean model, POP, will be compared against observational data and used for a suite of model experiments to investigate the impact of certain atmospheric phenomena on AMOC variability. The project is jointly led by dr. Femke de Jong (NIOZ), who will supervise the observational work, and dr. Claudia Wieners (UU), who will supervise the modelling experiments.

The PhD student will work both at NIOZ-Texel and at Utrecht University.

We are looking for a PhD candidate with a strong interest in oceanographic measurements and modelling.

The candidate should hold a master degree in climate science or a related subject. Experience with climate modelling and data analysis is a plus.

A detailed description of the vacancy, including contact information of the PIs, can be found at


The closing deadline is 31 October 2021.

Please apply or forward to interested candidates.