The LOCEAN-IPSL Laboratory at Sorbonne University seeks a post-doctoral research as- sociate to study the interanual co-variabilities of key physical and biogeochemical ocean parameters over Tropical Latin-american and African coasts. The research topic should support the overall aims of the Ocean Decade (United Nations) COCAS1 Project (Coastal Observatory for Climate, CO2 and Acidification for the Global South), though the particular research direction can be determined collaboratively, depending on the postdocā€™s previous experience and interests for future research. Possible areas of interest include tempera- ture, dynamics, plankton, pH and Oxygen within eastern and western boundary current systems, controls of switch between high and low productivity across Large Marine Eco- systems. The study will use COCAS buoys high-frequency measurements, satellite and model data. Field work, interdisciplinarity, and collaboration with Global South Countries as well as European partners are inherent to the project.

Applicants should send, before November 4th, 2021, to Diana Ruiz -Pino and Alban Lazar, their areas of research interest and a short CV (, al-