We are hiring an Associate Scientist (AS) at NCAR. This is a great opportunity for someone technically adept with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, including those eventually considering graduate school. Please forward to any potentially suitable candidates.

The position is in the Oceanography Section of the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory at NCAR and will focus on data-intensive approaches to Earth system science. The successful candidate will make contributions to open-source software frameworks supporting flexible, performant, scalable analysis workflows, particularly those centered on the use of the Community Earth System Model and engage in educational activities through Project Pythia (projectpythia.org). The position is expected to contribute and benefit from the growing Earth System Data Science community at NCAR and beyond, including through involvement in on-going educational initiatives, open source software projects, discussions on development activities, and interfacing with the broader community, such as Pangeo (pangeo.io).

To apply: https://bit.ly/3wNOBIA

Feel free to contact Matt Long (mclong@ucar.edu) with any questions.