Feel free to pass on to those interested (priority deadline of Dec 1 and final deadline of Jan 1). We have several Ph.D. research assistantships available in fall 2022. The list below contains some of our available assistantships. Please note that this is not a complete list of opportunities. Prospective students are welcome to reach out to any individual faculty member or the graduate program director to learn more. The majority of Ph.D. students are supported as Graduate Research Assistants during their tenure (typically 5 years). These assistantships provide an annual salary of $30,312, and tuition and health insurance is provided for all students.

Ph.D. Assistantships: https://graduate.rsmas.miami.edu/admissions/phd-assistanships/index.html

Environmental Science and Policy Ph.D. Program, Abess Center, EVR
NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center, Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, MBE
FOCUS: Florida Current and Sea Level, Dr. Lisa Beal, OCE
Examining the Causes of Trends in the Context of a Variable Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean, Dr. Amy Clement, ATM
Impacts of Atmospheric Reactions on Air Quality, Dr. Cassandra Gaston, ATM/OCE
The Role of Marine Teleost Fish in the Inorganic Carbon Cycle, Dr. Martin Grosell, MBE
Dynamics of the Agulhas Return Current, Dr. Igor Kamenkovich, OCE
Flood Risk & Climate Change Preparedness, Dr. Katharine Mach, EVR
Water Vapor ‘Lakes’ Over the Tropical Indian Ocean, Dr. Brian Mapes ATM/MPO
Ecology and Evolution of Giant Viruses, Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman, MBE
Investigating the Role of Metastable Carbonates in the Oceanic Carbon Cycle, Dr. Amanda Oehlert, MGS
Shallow Marine Diagenesis in 3D, Dr. Amanda Oehlert, MGS
Satellite Remote Sensing of Land-Falling Hurricanes, Dr. Roland Romeiser, OCE
Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions During Hurricanes, Dr. Nick Shay, MPO/OCE
Ocean Heat Uptake and Global Climate Sensitivity, Dr. Brian Soden, ATM/MPO
Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Global Climate Models, Dr. Brian Soden, ATM/MPO
Radiative Influence on Tropical Cyclone Development, Dr. Brian Soden, ATM/MPO

All virtual events for Fall semester (click to view recording):

1 on 1 virtual chat for Ph.D., MS, MPS (with current Ph.D. student, past MPS student, or myself): https://graduate.rsmas.miami.edu/admissions/tour-request/index.html

Marine Biology Ph.D. Recruitment Café Signup: TBD

Fall 2021 Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Open House Recording: https://miami.zoom.us/rec/share/jyOuymBvzL8e8uF7Cc-rm61cmJK8MILgmr-hLlQVpWhh642gSC9sYbQypaGiRU19.yZEXl_c0mL85Hk_M
Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. Café Recording: https://miami.zoom.us/rec/play/3-VZ6BatuKTwLhFhDOlBbSN2u8nUf2PJN2dWrJN2NkuuXns3WbNkDMwX4BNfcXgCFdauj4bYly5EOkGN.iPOcxjV11ymZybAZ?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=K7txzva1Qtq_z4fSo5ZhEA.1634070586629.e829da35865745cad377b88e95f8e188&_x_zm_rhtaid=196

Ocean Science Ph.D. Café Recording: https://miami.zoom.us/rec/play/1FtfRBlCl5SJ_24U21KnZ6p1GaUkCIiXCt04Tk722K8TuC8rxp22VlJ3pii0fF_h75eqplOnEjusWMJG.NAgW-l8XMB90G6Jh?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=HoM9SizBTCSt8JI8XwYJSg.1635464463798.e7f60b9f6b3533b05a5dca74c1aafa86&_x_zm_rhtaid=370

Our Master of Professional Science degree (take the same courses as Ph.D. and MS students, but instead of a thesis/dissertation, you do an internship/research in the field with organizations such as NOAA, NPS, NGOs, etc. and 94% of students have a job in the field 6 months after graduation) has rolling admission until June for international students and July for domestic. We are also waiving the GRE for Fall 2022 and beyond for all degrees (tuition waivers will be based on GPA only). More on MPS can be found here: https://mps.rsmas.miami.edu/

Any questions, please let me know!