The University of Michigan seeks a postdoctoral scholar supervised by Prof. Yulin Pan (Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and co-supervised by

Prof. Chris Ruf (Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, http://www- The successful applicant will work on the understanding of flow physics

underlying the CYGNSS remote sensing detection of oceanic microplastics ( as well as the global transport model of oceanic microplastics. Depending on the applicant’s interest, specific topics can be chosen from (1) Numerical and experimental study of the effect of surfactants and floating particles on water waves and surface roughness; (2) Development of global or regional transport model for oceanic microplastics and identification of the correlation between model results and CYGNSS measurements; (3) Comparison of CYGNSS-measured mean square slope and its hindcast by ocean wave models to identify and understand the reasons for their differences. The successful applicant is expected to have a Ph.D. in fluid dynamics, oceanography or other related fields. Expertise in computational fluid dynamics (especially multi-phase flow), ocean models and additional knowledge of remote sensing are preferred. Interested applicant can directly contact Prof. Yulin Pan at with a CV and 1~3 representative publications. This position is available immediately. The initial contract would be for two years, which can be extended upon mutual agreement.