Are you passionate about coastal seas and oceanography? Do you have the drive and curiosity to study flow and transport processes under present and future conditions? Then we might have a job for you!

At Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands, we are looking for candidates for the PhD position Circulation, Mixing and Transport in the southern North Sea and the influence of anthropogenic changes (

In this project, you will investigate the physical oceanography of the southern North Sea, with a particular focus on the Rhine River Plume, one of the largest river plumes in Europe. You will study how coastal processes such as tidal straining, river plume dynamics, upwelling and downwelling and sub-mesoscale processes determine the circulation, mixing and transport of fine sediments, tracers and larvae in coastal and shelf seas. Next, you will investigate how these phenomena will be affected by bathymetric changes related to large scale sand extraction, both now and under predicted climate change. For more info, look here ( The closing date of the vacancy is March 19, 2023.