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Our group has developed and maintains software (“UHDAS”, written in C and Python, running under Linux) that collects and runs preliminary processing on a 4-beam vessel-mounted Doppler sonar system. The goals are to maintain, support and develop the software stack we use for our acquisition and processing systems. This system provides near-real-time ocean currents to support science and operations during a research cruise, adding to a growing collection of ocean current data available for use in future projects. We also develop and support the Open-Source core processing code (CODAS), helping people in the community who have these datasets to get the most out of them after the initial data collection is over.

One position is for someone with experience in scientific programmming in Python, who strongly values Open Source projects and reliable code. They would be helping to develop and maintain the UHDAS code and other things we use.

This position has posted.

The second position is more operational, reading the automated emails from the UHDAS computer, interacting with people on ships about the system, installing and updating the UHDAS computers.

This is in the works, but not yet posted.

We’re looking for people comfortable working in a Linux environment and can do some Linux system administration; who are self-motivated and curious; have good people and communication skills; and are excited to live in Hawaii.

Both positions will close mid-late June.

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Dr. Julia M. Hummon

Dept Oceanography

UHDAS/ADCP ocean currents