The International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO) Early Career Scientists network is open to anyone that self identifies as an early career scientist in physical or chemical sciences of the oceans. Join here.

We are a community that provides networking opportunities, mentoring, conference activities and easy access to information about jobs, field work opportunities, workshops and more. We actively develop and promote initiatives that increase diversity and inclusivity within the ocean sciences. Recent updates from the IAPSO ECS network are published in our newsletter.

Important Updates

IUGG Berlin 2023 General Assembly (11-20 July)

The IUGG 2023 General Assembly will start soon in Berlin! The programme overview is here. IAPSO sessions will last from 12-17 July 2023. Three events for Early Career Scientists are planned, check out and register here.

Webinar: Introducing Ocean Networks for Early Career Ocean Professionals

When: Thursday 25 May 2023 15.00 CEST

Coordinators of Early Career Research networks of Future Earth gathered for an integrated session on each network and an individual presentation of what resources are available for Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs). The session concluded with an interactive discussion of ECOPs’ needs.

Recording available here, passcode: QJ6?XU#V

Manifesto for Early Career Researchers

The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) published a manifesto for Early Career Researchers to call for broad and robust support to early career investigators and scholars in times of uncertainty.

Joint ECS efforts are critical to furthering our understanding of the oceans

Early career scientist networks are rapidly growing, help you to contribute to the community, and help to further our understanding of the ocean. Check out this new EGU blog post by IAPSO ECS committee member Arvind Singh to read more about the importances of ECS networks in our community.