Taking part in a research cruise is a great experience that should be available to all oceanographers. However, news of cruise opportunities often travels by word of mouth or email lists within institutions. If you are not directly involved in a project that has upcoming cruises, you will need to talk to project PIs to see if they need more participants. Some opportunities are more widely advertised, and we have tried to compile a list of them below.

UNOLS cruise opportunities (U.S. Only)

If you are a graduate student based at a U.S. institution you may apply to take part in research cruises aboard UNOLS vessels. To hear about opportunities you need to sign up to their mailing list. More details are available here.

UNOLS Chief Scientist training

UNOLS occasionally run a cruise specifically designed to train chief scientists. It is open to students and early career researchers. More details here.

The GO-SHIP program

Try signing up to the GO-SHIP mailing list. This program conducts repeat hydrographic sections all over the world. They often need volunteers.

Also note that if you successfully receive a GO-SHIP postdoctoral fellowship, you will have the opportunity to be co-chief scientist aboard a GO-SHIP cruise.