I’m happy to announce that the Danish Meteorological Institute has two new openings for 4-year positions within ocean modelling.

More info below – and please see the full announcement and apply online at: https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=5001&ProjectId=164144&MediaId=5

Questions on the positions may be sent to Morten A D Larsen, Head of Ocean and Radar, e-mail: mla@dmi.dk , Phone / text messages: +4521730395

Two new full time positions within Regional Ocean modelling are established at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). The successful applicants will be a part of a team within the weather research department working broadly with operational ocean modelling, reanalysis, marine climate simulations and operational development tasks.

The focus of the two positions are based on two newly started research projects alongside existing projects and operational tasks.


The research tasks aim at developing of next-generation estuarine/coastal/regional sea seamless ocean models in the Baltic Sea - North Sea region, based on existing two-way nested modelling tools at DMI and are funded by the two EU research projects EDITO Model_Lab and OLAMUR. The EDITO Model_Lab project is tasked to develop a coastal model to fit for the purpose of on-demand modelling in Digital Twin Ocean applications by further model development within advanced micro plastic and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) modules. Additionally, further development of a graphical user interface to define a model sub-grid is included in the project. The OLAMUR project is tasked to develop coastal model with capacity of resolving impacts of offshore aquaculture and wind farms.


The operational tasks aims at further developing existing as well as new models and components with an onset in models, which are a part of the current ocean modelling suite at DMI. The purpose is to support operational forecasting by work within e.g. integration of observations, multi-model ensemble forecasting, data assimilation and machine learning.


The division between research and operational tasks between the two positions depend on the skillsets of the selected candidates and therefore a component of scientific dissemination is also expected in both positions.


The existing oceanic models applied within the ocean unit include NEMO (https://www.nemo-ocean.eu/) and HBM (https://ocean.dmi.dk/models/hbm.uk.php), but skilled applicants with other oceanic- or geoscience modelling experience are also relevant for these positions. We will evaluate applications from both junior- and senior-level applicants: Please highlight experiences and skills within oceanic modelling, computational environments, coding and data processing, research and operational development experience explicitly in the application.


You will be working in a stimulating research environment including international collaboration and close collaboration with on-duty meteorologists, and will be part of a research team working with oceanography and modelling at DMI.


Expected Qualifications: 

PhD degree in physical oceanography, earth physics, engineering or similar (or potentially a Master degree alongside oceanic modelling experience)  
Programming skills with Fortran in a UNIX environment is necessary, experiences with e.g. Python and shell scripts are an advantage
Skills on coastal modelling or similar is expected and experience with two-way nested modelling, SPM and microplastic modelling, impact-resolving modelling, on-demand ocean modelling is an advantage
Skills on high performance computing, big data, ensemble forecasting and model-data integration are an advantage
Good communication skills in both oral and written English 
Capacity of working in a team together with a good team spirit