The Wozniak Marine Organic Geochemistry (WozMOG) lab at the University of Delaware (Hugh R. Sharp campus in Lewes, DE) seeks a laboratory coordinator to perform a variety of duties related to ongoing projects and activities. The position is a 40 hr/week salaried (commensurate with experience) position with benefits. Experience with and enthusiasm for operating and maintaining analytical instrumentation is desired. A degree(s) in Chemistry, Marine Science, or a related field is also strongly desired. Interested parties at all levels of experience will be considered and are encouraged to inquire with Dr. Andrew Wozniak via email ( ).

Lab coordinator duties will include: operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting lab instrumentation; training of new lab members in laboratory procedures and the operation of instrumentation; maintaining a safe and organized lab environment; purchasing, security, and inventory of supplies and/or equipment; assisting lab members with various aspects of research in the laboratory and field including facilitating sample analyses; data processing/analysis and archiving, sample field collections; preparation of presentations, reports, publications, and proposals.

The WozMOG lab performs organic geochemical research in marine, atmospheric, and watershed environments. Current projects include studies of salt marsh organic carbon and nutrient dynamics, controls on surfactant organic matter chemical composition and physical properties in the surface ocean, estuarine dissolved organic matter biogeochemistry, and hydrothermal vent systems as mediators of aromatic organic matter in the ocean. The WozMOG lab performs analyses onsite using Shimadzu TOC analyzers, GC-FID (with MS capability), Horiba Aqualog, a Costech CHN elemental analyzer, and a membrane inlet mass spectrometer. Additional analyses performed at UofD or elsewhere include inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus analyses, 1H & 13C NMR spectroscopy, isotope ratio mass spectrometry, and FTICR-MS.