PD1: Ocean wave-ice interactions. This one will focus primarily on wave-ice interactions, but could include other aspects of air-sea exchanges as well. Airborne remote sensing will play a key part, both with UAV data from campaigns past and future, as well as aircraft data using the Scripps MASS system from a campaign in January 2023.


PD2: Wave-driven turbulence and mixing during ice formation. This one will use a combination of in situ measurements from past and future campaigns, as well as LES simulations to look at how ice-formation modifies air-sea exchanges.


Both postdocs include close collaborations with international researchers (USA, Poland, Canada), and there will be the opportunity for academic visits to support that collaboration. There will also be opportunities for participation in fieldwork.

Please contact me directly (peter.sutherland@ifremer.fr) if you are interested, or have any questions.

The positions will be open until filled. Applications should be directly on the Ifremer recruitment site (above links).