National University of Singapore (NUS) has an immediate vacancy in the area of global tide and storm-surge modelling in the warming climate. The Project is funded for 4 years, and includes sensitivity study of global astronomic tides and storm surges to sea level rise and CMIP6 GCMs atmospheric projections for 21st century.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

-analysis of regional (South-East Asia) sea level rise and variability in the warming climate;

-setting and validation of Global Tide and Surge Model (GTSM, GTSM/) for the Globe with a mesh refined at South-East Asia and Singapore waters;

-understanding mechanisms of global and regional astronomic tides and storm surges formation, variability and trends for ensemble of atmospheric projections and increasing global/regional sea level.

-running XBeach model for selected coastal adaptation solutions using GTSM projections as boundary conditions.

Successful candidate will be having the following knowledge, skills and experience:

Understanding of mechanisms of storm surges, astronomic tides, and wind-waves generation and propagation at various scales, from global to local. 
Understanding of mechanisms of ocean/coastal responses to the climate change.
Capability to use modern methods of ocean data analysis, particular applied for sea level and climate research;
Experience with OpenDA methods and software is an advantage;
Ability to work in multidisciplinary team of researchers, including ocean/coastal and atmosphere scientists;
Solid publication record.  

Candidate will be having Ph.D. in ocean/coastal sciences/engineering from a reputable University. Salary range: S$ 5,000 - S$ 7,000 monthly.

The appointment will be made in Coastal Protection and Flood Resilience Institute (CFI), established within National University of Singapore (NUS) in partnership with PUB (Singapore’s National Water Agency).

CV and other documents to be sent to Dr. Pavel TKALICH: