The Gulf of Maine Research Institute ( (GMRI) is a mid-sized, interdisciplinary nonprofit located on the waterfront of Portland, Maine whose mission is to develop and deliver collaborative solutions to global ocean challenges. GMRI is seeking qualified candidates to establish a new research group that investigates climate-zooplankton-upper trophic interactions across spatial and temporal scales in the Gulf of Maine and adjacent Large Marine Ecosystems. The successful candidate will have experience with: (a) field-based experimental design and data collection, (b) in-lab analytical approaches, and (c) zooplankton modeling and forecasting to examine temporal and spatial variability in distribution, community structure, and ecology, with a focus on how these are affected by climate change, ecosystem conditions, and anthropogenic stressors. A strong quantitative background in, and technical knowledge of, zooplankton biology and ecology is preferred.

Salary Range: $90,000- $120,000

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