We have two positions for a 4-year PhD or 2-year mobility post doc for working on ocean modelling.

- One position is available in the frame of the European projects BRIDGE-BS and NECCTON and is a collaboration between the Liège University (MAST and the Stockholm Resilience centre to perform and analyse regional climate model projections over the Black Sea. The ultimate aim of the work is to assess changes in ecosystem state and services bundles  in a current and future climate and to tentatively estimate the acceptable limits of these changes (“safe operating” space of stressors).

- The other position is offered in the frame of the  “Multiple Threats on Ocean Health” (MiTHo) research project funded by the European Space Agency to develop prediction tools of deoxygenation. The developed approach will combine earth observation (EO), ARGO and mechanistic model products with machine learning to predict coastal hypoxia and sub-surface oxycline variability.

Details available from Marilaure Grégoire (email: mgregoire@uliege.be).