We are hiring a Postdoctoral to work in coupled climate and marine carbon cycle modelling

Summary: This position is part of the GreenFeedBack project (https://eu-greenfeedback.com/ ) funded under the Horizon Europe framework. The GreenFeedBack project is led by AU-ENVS and brings together scientists doing fieldwork and modelers from across Europe. The aims are to enhance our knowledge of greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes within terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems at high northern latitudes. In the project, we will investigate the impacts that human pressures have on ecosystem GHG fluxes, how the GHG fluxes will respond to a changing climate, and how changes to ecosystem GHG exchanges in the boreal and Arctic regions affect feedbacks in the global system. The successful candidate will join the research program Air, Water and Landscape Science (http://www.geo.uu.se/forskning/luval/).

This postdoc project is focusing on the latter, namely how the marine carbon cycle responses feed back onto the global carbon cycle and modulate projected climate changes. The specific focus of the postdoc will be to use the coupled earth system model EC-Earth (v3 to begin with, perhaps transitioning to v4) and implement developments achieved in other work packages into the EC-Earth, and to perform global-scale sensitivity and future simulations. The work will be done in close collaboration with teammates from Aarhus University (working with EC-Earth on the terrestial carbon cycle) as well as GreenFeedBack partners at other organisations within the consortium.

For more details and the application link see https://www.jobb.uu.se/details/?positionId=671207

Deadline: 1 Dec 2023