we have an opening for a position as Director of Science at Ocean Networks Canada (ONC). Among other tasks the following describes the position:

“The Director leads ONC in the scientific excellence and innovative thinking necessary to maintain ONC’s leadership at the forefront of ocean observing and is the liaison with ONC’s International Science Advisory Board and with the Ocean Observatory Council. The Director of Science is responsible for ONC’s long-term scientific direction and national and international partnerships while serving as the ONC scientific lead in the development of monitoring programs for marine protected and ocean conservation areas in collaboration with Provincial and Canadian partners. This position provides leadership and direction to a team of staff scientists who bring expertise across many scientific disciplines and serve as the essential interface between the community of science users and the ONC infrastructure capabilities. The staff scientists collaborate directly with internal and external users to define data requirements for research projects, advise on uses and data interpretation, plan future initiatives, coordinate workshops, build collaborations and support research teams in preparing experiments, including but not limited to funding proposals, and contribute to and support the publication of research results. This position provides counsel to the President & CEO and ONC’s Board of Directors, and reports to the ONC Board on a range of science issues and projects. This position requires travel nationally and internationally.”

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