There are hundreds of fellowship opportunities around the world available to researchers of all career stages and we can’t hope to list them all. Below we detail some of the more well known examples that might be of interested to early career oceanographers. Each fellowship has slightly different eligibility requirements and so we mention only the most fundamental ones such as nationality and experience level. Much more information can be found on the linked websites. If you think we’ve missed an opportunity that should be included here, please contact us and we will try to include it.


European Union

Name Length (years) Eligibility Location of work
Marie Curie Individual Fellowship 1 or 2 Any nationality with a PhD or at least 4 yrs research experience EU or associated countries

United Kingdom

Name Length (years) Eligibility Location of work
NERC Independent Research Fellowship 5 Any nationality, < 8 yrs postdoc experience UK institutions
UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship 4 to 7 Early career UK
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgekin fellowship 5 < 6 yrs from PhD UK institutions
Royal Society Newton International 2 Non-UK citizens, < 7 yrs postdoc experience Outside UK
Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship 2 or 3 Non-UK researcher seeking UK collaboration, < 15 yrs postdoc experience Outside UK
EPSRC Fellowship 3 (postdoc) 5 (early career/established) Any nationality and career stage UK institutions