Postdoctoral and Research Scientist Cluster Hire

Inorganic Carbon and Water Modeling of Enhanced Weathering and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

We intend to hire seven professionals (postdoctoral associates and/or research scientists) to participate in the Global Ocean and Land Alkalinization (GOAL-A) Project. This study, which is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) Earth Shot Program, is a collaboration among scientists at Yale, Georgia Tech, Princeton, and Texas A&M universities that aims to create a soils-to-oceans modeling framework to evaluate the efficacy, co-benefits, and risks of enhanced mineral weathering (EMW) and ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE). To support this interdisciplinary initiative, we are seeking applicants with proficiency in modeling that is relevant to simulating physical and chemical processes that govern the flows of water, energy, and chemicals within and between watersheds, river networks, the atmosphere, and the ocean. We are especially interested in candidates with expertise in earth-system and climate modeling, ocean circulation/biogeochemical modeling, river-network modeling, watershed modeling, and reactive transport modeling.

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