The Geology Department at Western Washington University, in Bellingham Washington, is soliciting applications for a funded M.S. graduate research position in paleoceanography with Dr. Casey Saenger. Research will focus on reconstructing the patterns and responses to north Pacific marine heatwaves using carbonate archives such as coralline algae and/or foraminifera. The position is supported by a research assistantship associated with a newly acquired micro-CT system (, and the student will work routinely with this analytical technique. Strong candidates will have experience with scientific instrumentation, be organized and have excellent communication skills. Familiarity with a programing language (e.g. R, Python, Matlab) is a plus.

The Geology Department at Western has a diverse and welcoming faculty with a long track record of preparing graduate students for jobs with federal and state agencies, private sector firms, and PhD programs. Further information on our program can be found here: Applications are due January 15, 2024 to start Fall 2024.